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Wednesday, July 17th,
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST

Mandee Heller Adler


We’ve seen the news and navigating the colleges can be stressful and confusing. In this conversation, we will address what is really happening on American campuses.
– What has changed in Jewish college life since October 7?
– Which colleges reacted “best” and which performed “worst” post-October 7?
– Should Jewish students highlight or hide their Judaism in their college application?
– What does the future look like on American campus life?

About us

Wisdom Without Walls: An Online Salon for Jewish Ideas is a new online community for Jews and others who seek to be part of a much-needed conversation in a post-October 7 Jewish world. What does Judaism have to say to us at a time like this? A space where people gather for deep conversation, poetry, and socializing, our “salon” happens on the screen. It inspires Jews who are living in challenging times. It engages them in meaningful conversations with some of the most prominent voices in the contemporary Jewish world. What does Judaism have to say to us, at this most challenging moment in world Jewish history? Join Wisdom Without Walls: an online forum for Jewish ideas and be part of the conversation.

Rabbi Ed Feinstein

One of American Judaism’s most creative and articulate thinkers, speakers, and authors

Dr. Sandra Lilienthal

A Covenant Foundation prize winner, and one of American Judaism’s most beloved and respected Jewish adult educators

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin

One of American Judaism’s most prolific authors and teachers, and among the most quoted rabbis in America

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